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2023: MMA Predictions: Thrilling Fights and Shocking Upsets Await

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Saikat Banerjee
Saikat Banerjee
A wordsmith who indulges in the world of combat sports, Saikat Banerjee is an MMA, boxing, and arm wrestling content writer at The MMA India Show and The Sports Room. Apart from combat sports, he also engages in Indian sports content at The Sports India Show. Currently pursuing an MBA from Jadavpur University, Saikat's other interests lie in motorcycling, working out, and travelling.
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As the year unfolds, the world of mixed martial arts is gearing up for some epic showdowns that are sure to keep fight fans on the edge of their seats.

While the MMA calendar still has a lot going on, there are three upcoming matches that many fans are looking forward to including Sterling-O’Maley, Holloway-Korean Zombie, and Acosta-Brzeski.

 If you’re looking to bet on these matches or are simply curious enough to know how these clashes would go about, read on. We’ll take a look at how these factors will perform in the octagon against each other.

Aljamain Sterling vs Sean O’Malley (UFC 292)

 Sterling and O’Malley are due for another face-off at the UFC 292 that will take place in TD Garden, Boston in the US.

Sterling has showcased a well-rounded skill set throughout his career. His wrestling background, which includes being a two-time NCAA Division III All-American, has been a key factor in his success.

In addition, his grappling and submission games are particularly impressive. He has this ability to control opponents on the ground and threaten them with various chokes. With an improved striking game and a focus on leg kicks, Sterling has become a more complete fighter.

On the other hand, Sean O’Malley is a flashy and talented striker. He’s also known for his highlight-reel knockouts and diverse striking arsenal. His Muay Thai skills complement his boxing, allowing him to deliver powerful punches, knees, elbows, and head kicks.

O’Malley’s striking accuracy and volume are noteworthy, making him a dangerous opponent on the feet. However, there have been doubts about his grappling abilities, and his takedown defense has been a point of concern in some fights.

So, a match between these two is always a classic vs grappler scenario.

O’Malley’s best chance of winning would be to keep the fight on the feet and utilize his striking prowess to land significant shots at Sterling. If he can defend takedowns and avoid grappling exchanges, he has a strong chance of securing a knockout victory.

Max Holloway vs Chan Sung Jung, The Korean Zombie (UFC Fight Night, Singapore)

In the highly anticipated featherweight clash at UFC Fight Night in Singapore on August 26, 2023, Max Holloway and The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, are set to throw down in what promises to be an electrifying showdown.

Max Holloway, the former undisputed featherweight champion, is coming into this fight as a clear favorite, with the oddsmakers giving him a whopping -1000 odds. That means a $100 bet on Holloway would only get you a $10 profit from an MMA betting site if he wins.

On the other hand, The Korean Zombie is the underdog with +700 odds, which means a successful $100 bet on him would win you an impressive $700 profit.

Holloway’s dominant reign in the division and his status as the No. 2 featherweight in the MMA Fighting Global Rankings put him in a favorable position. Meanwhile, Chan Sung Jung sits at No. 11 and has seen a decline in his performances recently. We might be looking at a near-future retirement for this toughie.

It’s no surprise that Holloway is being given a 91 percent chance of winning this clash. With his versatile skills, impressive striking, and experience, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the octagon. However, it’s essential not to count The Korean Zombie out completely. His resilience and fighting spirit have earned him a reputation as a dangerous opponent.

But when it comes down to it, Max Holloway will likely come out on top. His combination of speed, accuracy, and fight IQ will likely be too much for The Korean Zombie to handle.

Waldo Cortes Acosta vs Lukasz Brzeski (UFC Fight Night, Singapore)
In the match-up between Waldo Cortes Acosta and Lukasz Brzeski at UFC Fight Night in Singapore, it appears to be an evenly matched. Both fighters share similar physical attributes, with only slight differences in height, reach, and weight.

With both Cortes-Acosta and Brzeski being classified as strikers and favoring an orthodox stance, we can expect an exciting display of striking skills in the octagon. Their preference for leading with their left foot forward and right hand as their power hand adds to the anticipation of a thrilling heavyweight showdown.

Brzeski has had a couple of tough losses by decision, while details about Cortes-Acosta’s recent loss are unknown. How they bounce back from their previous setbacks could play a role in determining the outcome of this upcoming fight.

Both fighters being 31 years old means age is unlikely to be a significant factor, as they are likely in their fighting prime and at a similar stage in their careers.

Between these two, it’ll come down to who can land the better strikes, control the octagon, and impose their game plan effectively.

Wrap Up
The MMA world is buzzing with excitement for three highly anticipated fights in 2023. Despite the analysis, we can only wait and see how they’ll perform in the octagon. After all, these matches are still a few weeks away and all fighters still have time to train.



2023: MMA Predictions: Thrilling Fights and Shocking Upsets Await - MMA2023: MMA Predictions: Thrilling Fights and Shocking Upsets Await - MMA2023: MMA Predictions: Thrilling Fights and Shocking Upsets Await - MMA2023: MMA Predictions: Thrilling Fights and Shocking Upsets Await - MMA2023: MMA Predictions: Thrilling Fights and Shocking Upsets Await - MMA

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