UFC: ‘No way’ UFC champ Max Holloway fights ‘anytime soon’ says Dana White

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UFC President Dana White ruled out an expedient return to the Octagon for Max Holloway after the featherweight champion was pulled from the UFC 226 card.

“There’s no way this guy is going to fight anytime soon,” White said Thursday, per ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

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This is the third time Holloway has had to bow out of a scheduled fight. He suffered a leg injury during training for UFC 222 in February, and doctors prevented him from competing at UFC 223. In the case of the latter, the odds were against him actually competing since he was a last-minute replacement for Tony Ferguson.

“We’re running him through every test there is. … He needs to go to the Mayo Clinic or one of these types of places and do a full — yes, we will take care of Max Holloway and he’ll go through every type of testing there is until we can figure out what’s wrong with him,” White said.

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