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A Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious

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It was an impressive display of class, courage, and strength from Jevgenijs Aleksejevs ‘The Hurricane’  Mighty Tips ambassador, as the boxer’s first outing since taking up the ambassadorial role ended in a convincing win over his French rival, Dmitry Trenel.

The fight took place in the Holiday World Resort, Benalmadena, Spain, and it was the first time the Latvia-born star would trade blows away from home turfs and supporters. Before the encounter, The Hurricane had maintained an unbeaten run of 13-0, and a loss would have marred this impressive record. Away from the regular home front, many had feared that The Hurricane might not find things easy, especially since the opponent isn’t also a write-off in the sport.

However, to the admiration of fans and the MightyTips family, the European kickboxer turned boxer heaped massive pressure on Trenel, forcing the 9-3-0 record holder to go on his knees in the third round. If anyone exhibited fears and anxiety in the ring, it was not the MightyTips brand-new ambassador. Alesksejevs displayed an unusual calmness and confidence that gave the impression that he already knew how the fight would end.

Three rounds were enough to separate the two fighters, as The Hurricane was evidently too much for Trenel. This win means that Aleksejevs has kept a historic 14-0 clean sheet in his professional boxing career. It also means he has moved to 299 on the Super Welterweight ranking.

A Winning Plan Well Executed

Before going into this contest, The Hurricane and his coach, Igor Mesmers, knew they had to go technical to get a convincing win. Working together closely, both conceived a plan to stretch out the opponent in the first two rounds before launching fatal punches.

Aleksejevs’ easy-going, languid boxing physique starkly contrasted Trenel’s commanding, hunched, and stalking outlook. The Hurricane’s style was, however, of great advantage because it allowed him to deal decisively with haymakers.

Although the MightyTips ambassador controlled the first round, nothing much eventful happened. It was all about throwing left jabs and working out each other’s body.

Jevgenijs Aleksejevs began displaying promising dominance about 43 seconds into the second round. Delivering a combined right uppercut plus a left hook, The Hurricane registered the first of the three knockdowns of the encounter. Expectedly, the French fighter shook it off, giving the impression of a possible bounce back.

Staying through to the effective partnership of a right uppercut and left hook, the undefeated European star delivered another knockdown to his French opponent within a minute and fourteen seconds into the third round. At this stage, Trenel’s nose had become bloody, and The Hurricane was just everywhere, picking his shots and dropping his hand at will. Even a rookie fan could tell where the pendulum would spring at this time.

With the fight in the third round and about 56 seconds left, Jevgenijs Aleksejevs ‘The Hurricane,’ MightyTips ambassador, found his magical combination again, leading to the third and final knockdown of the fight. The defeat was loud, and Trenel could not but agree with the referee’s decision to blow the whistle and call off the fight despite the little time left.A Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious

‘You Did Well-‘ Coach Lauds a ‘Disciplined’ Hurricane

On the sidelines after the fight, coach Igors Mesmers did not mince words in praising his fighter. He showered encomiums on the Latvia-born boxer for sticking to their technical plans and displaying great technical work, active defense, thoughtfulness, and ring control while facing Trenel.

The gaffer specifically noted Aleksejevs’ adherence to their game plan, saying that the fighter did not deviate from it. In eulogizing the undefeated star, he described him as “almost flawless.”

The Hurricane, on his part, explained the tactic he employed to achieve the commanding victory. While speaking after the match, he noted that he concentrated on provoking, stretching things out, and counter-attacking Trenel in the first round. This strategy must have enabled the kickboxer cum boxer to master his opponent’s reach and weaken his defense.

Can The Hurricane Continue His Unbeaten Run?

The question on the lips of many fans and admirers is whether Jevgenijs Aleksejevs can continue his impressive unbeaten form and climb higher in the Super Welterweight rank. 

Undoubtedly, he is currently at his prime age and fitness, but further success will depend on his opponent and level of preparedness. It is unclear who his next opponent would be, but there are pointers that he may also be a fellow compatriot to The Hurricane.

MightyTips, a company that thrives on sports, especially betting, signed The Hurricane as their ambassador to motivate and empower him to keep winning. The kickboxer-turned-boxer also has admirers and die-hard fans ready to go wherever with him to give their support. As such, it remains to be seen whether The Hurricane can capitalize on these and sustain his current form.

A Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious - hurricaneA Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious - hurricaneA Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious - hurricaneA Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious - hurricaneA Flawless Performance: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious - hurricane

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