A reflective Kevin Lee reacts to RDA loss backstage

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Kevin Lee was handed his second consecutive loss at UFC Fight Night 152  which took place at the Blue Star Arena in Rochester, New York by Rafael Dos Anjos.

Kevin Lee was submitted in the fourth round by Rafael Dos Anjos in what was Lee’s debut fight in the welterweight division. The fight started with both fighters throwing heavy kicks. Both fighters had their moment and utilised their gameplan on the ground. But in the fourth round, RDA’s constant pressure gassed out Lee and then RDA squashed the takedown attempt, wound up in mount, and slapped an arm-triangle-choke.

These are hard times for Kevin Lee who has lost three of his last four bouts. He released a statement for his fans on social media and reflected upon his performance.

Don’t know what happened out there tonight,” Lee said. “I thought I did everything right leading up to this fight. Tried to eliminate every little distraction, everything that wasn’t good for me. I swear I felt like something—everything was falling into place and was talking to me even before I walked out there. It still wasn’t enough.

This shit sometimes will be like, highest highs and lowest lows, this shit really makes you question what you believe in. But I don’t know, I been through a lot of shit in my life. This really ain’t gonna be shit.


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