Aaron Pico says he will not ‘go home and hide’ from social media after devastating loss

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Aaron Pico has a lot to learn as he went from hurting his opponent bad to getting KO’d in the first round at Bellator 214.
After his loss, Aaron Pico showed up at the post-fight press conference to face the media.
In the post-fight conference, Aaron Pico said that he will not ‘go home and hide’ from social media after devastating loss.

On being asked by the reporter, “Are you gonna avoid social media for a bit?“.
Aaron said,” I’m sure I’ll be facing a lot of negativity, for a few days I’ll be off it and just go be with my family.. preparing to go on a little vacation. I’ve been here before, it’s not my style to just hide and go home and not face the media, because you guys are here for me when I’m doing good and you guys are here when I’m doing bad. You can’t be that guy, I don’t know what the term is on top of my head.. but when everything’s going well, they’re here. [But when] they’re not doing so well, they say ‘screw it, I’m going home’ and hide from the world. It’s the way I was brought up, my dad would tell me ‘you just can’t go out there when everything is good and when things go bad, you can’t just turn around and not face it.’ It sucks sometimes, but you just do what you do.”

Watch Aaron Pico’s post-fight interview here

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