UFC 236 Results – Israel Adesanya Wins the Interim Title Belt in a Classic Scrappy War

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The interim middleweight title bout was the co-main event between Gastellum and Adesanya, resulting in one of the best title fights of the recent times. Both the fighters gave it all inside the octagon for five rounds but it was Adesanya who snatched the belt with his superior fighting skills. Gastellum started off the fight in high spirits knocking down Adesnya in the first round, but the New Zealand fighter bounced back in the second round. It was a back and forth contest for the next two rounds as Gastellum and Adesnya both scored knockdowns but unable to finish the fight. Adesanya changed the momentum in the final round when he badly hurt Gastellum with an over hand right and extended it into a wild exchange. With seconds left in the final round Gatellum was down on the receiving end. Adesanya continues his dominance in the middle weight division with six straight wins and keeps his record intact at 17-0.



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