Alexander Gustafsson contemplating walking back retirement

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The former UFC light heavyweight title contender Alexander Gustafsson recently after losing his fight to a fellow high ranked contender Anthony Smith had decided to retire and even left his gloves behind in the octagon. However, the big Swede is now apparently having second thoughts about his retirement and is itching to come back out of retirement.

In a recent interview given to Ashah Tafari, Gustafsson revealed that he announced his retirement due to the frustration he felt after losing his last fight against Smith and that his hands are still itching and tingling to fight. He further went on to conclude that he does not feel like a retired fighter right now.

Here’s what he had to say:

I fought my last fight against Anthony Smith, and it didn’t go as planned, I felt an incredible frustration. I’m a really sore loser, and I left my gloves in the cage and felt that’s enough now. But with that said, I still have this tingle in my hands. This is very new. It’s been a month, and I’m far from a retired fighter in my way of thinking and such. I’ve made my decision and so on, but it takes times to adapt and accept the new things in life and your role in all of it.





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