Amazing and sometimes funny fight between Silva and Paul in the UFC

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Silva vs. Paul is one of the ridiculous fights in the UFC

On October 30, in Glendale, Arizona, a boxing evening took place, in the primary fight of which Jake Paul faced UFC legend, Anderson Silva. For Paul, this was the strongest opponent in his boxing career because, for the first time, a chic striker came out against a blogger. Unfortunately, although this is only in theory, in practice, the legendary Spider disappeared in 2013, when he lost twice to Chris Weidman: first, he flew into a knockout, and in a rematch, he received a severe leg fracture. After that, Silva fought but never returned to a high level. Over the next five years of his career, he spent seven fights in the UFC, in which he won only once. However, for Paul, even such a 47-year-old Anderson is progress because he fought only with amateurs or basic wrestlers before that. The blogger has already defeated colleague Ali Eson Gib, basketball player Nate Robinson, ex-ONE and Bellator champion Ben Askren, and two-time former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

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Silva and boxing

As for Silva, after leaving the UFC, he performed well in boxing. Anderson began his career in the ring in 1998 with a loss to Osmar Luis Teixeira. Still, in 2005 he defeated Julio Cesar de Jesus, and over the past year, boxer Chavez Jr. and former UFC star Tito Ortiz.

47-year-old Anderson suits Jake Paul as a father. When Silva made his MMA debut at 22, the blogger was just over six months old. But it was Paul who was considered the favorite of their fight because the bookmakers understood best of all that, unfortunately, only a name remained from Silva.

And so it happened: Silva showed a competitive fight, took several rounds, but lost by unanimous decision. And in the last eight games, he was knocked down. However, Paul acted as carefully as possible and kept Silva at a distance. This brought victory to the young blogger, who, after the decision, was overjoyed.

Unequal fight

The judges unanimously gave the victory to Jake:

  • 78-73,
  • 77-74,
  • 78-73.

Formally, Paul outboxed one of the most dangerous strikers in UFC history. But only his fans can believe this. So Jake killed a long-decommissioned legend in boxing, which in recent years in the UFC caused only pity.

In the seventh round, Jake got struck several times. But Paul competently translated the situation into a clinch and leaned back with unpleasant attacks. And the final round suddenly began with a knockdown. However, Jake still waited and sent the Spider to the canvas. A blow in oncoming traffic greatly shocked the veteran. But he quickly came to his senses and was able to strike the end of the battle.

All three judges praised the fact that Paul knocked down the Spider. They gave Jake the win by unanimous decision. And the blogger approached the UFC legend and knelt in front of him. Both fighters bowed to each other and talked about something.

The track record of the blogger turned out to be another ex-UFC champion. And Paul remains undefeated in the professional ring. Now Jake is ready to go for a new goal; with each fight, he makes him take himself more and more seriously. Right after Silva, Paul boldly challenged Nate Diaz and Saul Alvarez!

Jake Paul categorically denies that his fight with Anderson Silva, which ended in the defeat of the Brazilian, was contractual:

“I lose faith in my generation, society, and the world when I hear this kind of stuff and this kind of stupidity. It just sucks. It sucks because I worked so hard for this”. 

The case of Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a successful vlogger who has also recently been successful in the ring. Unlike his colleagues in the shop, who prefer to dabble in boxing and other martial arts, Paul, on the contrary, devotes a lot of time to boxing and training. But so far, there are no real boxers in his resume (there should have been two fights with boxers, but they failed). On the other hand, he defeated either debutants or fighters with a negative record, whom he defeated. So far, in his resume: he is a blogger, basketball player, and MMA.

Paul can be treated differently, but he should be respected for his dedication to the sport and the progress he shows. After all, Jake started boxing at a mature age, and in a few years, he mastered the base that allowed him to beat retirees from the world of MMA—in addition to showing the show, which is so lacking in modern boxing.

But Paul’s success should not be exaggerated either. After the victory, he challenged Canelo, saying that if he beat Silva, then why not beat Alvarez? Of course, it is ridiculous to compare one of the best boxers of our time with the 47-year-old Silva. But the fight with Nate Diaz is accurate, and it was this fighter that Jake first called after the victory. After all, Nate recently parted ways with the UFC and is ready to fight for big money. And on the day of the fight, Diaz slapped a man from Paul’s team – so you can play a conflict for the audience.

And do not be surprised that before this fight, Paul will again be the favorite and win again. After all, the blogger skillfully chooses rivals who are too harsh for him. After that, it may be Conor’s turn – when McGregor finally loses his form, and Paul feels he can defeat the old legend.

Attempts to get attention

Jake Paul drew attention to the upcoming fight in every possible way. He even managed to hurt Dana White. At a press conference in Los Angeles, the blogger said that he was ready to bet five million dollars on his victory if UFC president Dana White agreed to make a bet with him:

“No one thought I would take this fight, not even Dana White. He didn’t think I would take this fight. But, Dana, I know what you’re looking at, bro. You still owe me a million dollars for betting against me in a row with Ben Askren.

I want you to stop hiding, bet on my fight against Anderson Silva and pay this time. So let’s make a bet. Let’s bet one, two, or five million on that. But I bet you won’t, Dana because you’re a coward.”


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