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Amped up Mike Perry abuses fans who underestimate weight cutting

Popular or rather a bit infamous UFC welterweight Mike Perry is admired by the fans for is explosive, exciting style of fighting. However, he is seemingly never able to keep himself out of controversies. This time Perry has find himself in a bit of a tough situation because of abusing fans online on social media portal who underestimate weight cutting.

In a recent interview given to MMA Junkie, Perry talked about weight cutting and how difficult it is. He also admitted that he ‘did say a couple things’ on social media. Here’s what he had to say:

Fighting is easy. Weight cutting I’m like, ‘I don’t want to do it.’ Then I don’t want to pay the guy money (if I miss). That’s like my only motivation to go get it done, though, like I’m not paying him. He ain’t getting my money. I just signed a new contract I’m getting all this extra money for this fight and it’s not about to go to him. I’d rather not fight than give him any of my money. But I’m already suffering. So why suffer and then pay him?

We’re (Him and Charles Oliviera) going to go in there and scrap it out. We didn’t have to do much work otherwise. But I did get on social media and I did say a couple things and post a couple things and I got plans for the weigh-ins tomorrow for the ceremonials. I hope that will spark some controversy.









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