Ariel Helwani’s favourite story of the week: Becky Lynch in the WWE

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If there is one story right now that has caught the imagination of everyone in the world of sports, it is none other than the story of ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch in the WWE. On his podcast, Ariel Helwani made his feelings about the Lynch story clear, praising it for all that it was worth, saying that he was ‘all in’ for it.

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani’s favourite story of the week: Becky Lynch in the WWE

Becky Lynch recently turned away from her usual friendly approach in the ring when she turned her back on her friend Charlotte. After a lengthy feud with Charlotte, she emerged as the Undisputed WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Her new attitude garnered a lot of praise, especially in the lead up to Survivor Series. Not only did she attack Ronda Rousey on Raw, but she had also Rousey screaming in apparent pain as she had locked in the Disarmer on her.

Unfortunately for Lynch, she would not be able to compete against Rousey at Survivor Series, because an accidental punch from Nia Jax saw her Orbital bone and nose damaged, with her also being at the end of a serious concussion.

However, at this moment, Lynch’s character is the most intriguing WWE storyline there is, so much so that people outside the usual WWE populace are also acknowledging it.

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