Belal Muhammad Reveals why he can’t stand ‘piece of trash’ Sean Strickland

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Belal Muhammad, the UFC welterweight contender, has never been one to hold back his opinions. When it comes to Sean Strickland, he doesn’t mince words. Their feud is fueled by Strickland’s controversial actions and insensitivity, particularly regarding comments on Palestine.

Strickland has repeatedly commented on Palestine’s ongoing conflict with Israel, even taking aim at Muhammad, who is of Palestinian descent. Muhammad noticed Strickland’s remarks years ago when he posted about Palestine. Strickland’s dismissive stance, suggesting that Palestinians should “just give up” and “bend the knee,” infuriated Muhammad. To him, Strickland’s comments were a cry for attention and revealed a lack of empathy for those affected by the conflict.

Belal Muhammad Calls Out Sean Strickland

Belal Muhammad doesn’t hold back in his assessment of Strickland.

“Honestly, I had no care about him at all until I posted one thing about Palestine and it was literally like three years ago,” Muhammad said on the Money Loyalty Legacy podcast.

“Same thing: They were getting bombed and he just commented on there when it had nothing to do with him because he likes to just put his nose into stuff and get attention. And he said something like, ‘They need to just give up. They’re going to end up losing anyway, they just need to bend the knee.’ It was the stupidest statement ever.

He calls him a “piece of trash” and points out the hypocrisy in Strickland’s behavior. While Strickland claims that certain topics, like family, are off-limits for trash talk, he himself has made light of serious issues. Muhammad sees through this facade and labels Strickland’s tough-guy persona as fake.

Their verbal exchanges have spilled over into real-life confrontations, including an incident at the UFC Performance Institute. While Strickland may have minted himself as the undisputed middleweight champion, Muhammad is ready to challenge him. The stage is set for a clash of personalities and fighting styles.

Belal Muhammad vs. Sean Strickland isn’t just about wins and losses—it’s about principles, empathy, and standing up for what matters. As they prepare to face each other, fight fans can expect fireworks both inside and outside the cage.

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