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Betting On Sports: Player Bets

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Betting on sports is gaining more and more fans every day. Fans of different sports teams show their enthusiasm by betting on their team. With betting markets becoming legal almost globally, more people are indulging in gambling. The social stigma against gamblers has decreased because of the rise of betting apps available on the app store or play store. These apps allow for a wider audience into the betting pool. Fantasy sports apps have integrated betting on many sports like racing betting, Football betting, NBA betting, Futures betting, etc. Some apps allow for betting on just one sport as well.


Betting markets are usually on matches or specific players. Match betting is on the match outcome, or the margin of winning points, or other match-related details. Player bets are on particular players. These players usually have excellent track records and are reliable bets for people. Fans bet on their favourite players, regardless of the team they are playing.



Player bets or bets on a particular player is a bet on their performance in the match. Taking the example of NBA matches, NBA betting on players is of the following types:

First Basket

This type of bet is on a player scoring the first point or making the first basket. Fantasy sports apps offer odds on all players in the match.

Player Points

These bets are on high-profile players who have an impeccable track record. The wager is on how many points the player will score for their team and is usually the total number of points they score at the end of the game.

Player Assists

An assist is when a player makes or helps in scoring a shot made by another player. People can make bets on how many assists a player will make in a match in total.

Player Rebounds

A rebound is when a player makes a missed shot. When the ball bounces off the hoop, and the player takes the ball once more and scores. People can make bets on how many rebounds a player will make in a match.

Player Three-pointers or Treys

A three-pointer or a trey refers to a shot made from beyond the three-point line. The three-point line is the arc surrounding the basketball hoop, and this shot requires a lot of precision. Bets on a player making a three-point shot are also available. People can also place bets on a player making many three-point shots.

Player Doubles, Triples, Quadruples and Quintuples

A basketball game has five categories of statistics – points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks. A player’s performance is a tally of these categories. When a player achieves a double-digit score in two of the five categories, it is a player double-double. For example, if a player makes ten, or more assists and scores ten or more points, they have achieved a double-double. When a player scores double-digit points in three, four, or five categories, it is a player triple-double, quadruple-double, and quintuple-double, respectively. The last of the five is yet to occur in an NBA match. Bets on a player making a double-double are common, but people can make bets on a player making triple-doubles or more.

Player Combos

A player combo bet is when a person bets on a player, making a combination of shots or doubles. For example, people can bet on a player making the first basket and a double-double. Bets placed on a specific number of points, assists, and rebounds a player will make in a game is also a combination bet. Another combo is on the player scoring the first basket and the most points in both halves of the game (a winner-double).

Fantasy sports apps provide great details of players and offer odds on their performance as well. People can make informed bets on these apps that add interest to the game.




Betting On Sports: Player Bets - bettingBetting On Sports: Player Bets - bettingBetting On Sports: Player Bets - bettingBetting On Sports: Player Bets - bettingBetting On Sports: Player Bets - betting

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