Bisping, GSP and Tyron continue to play musical chairs

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After a well publicised press conference at the beginning of the year, Dana White, announced that George St Pierre’s comeback opponent would be middleweight champ Michael Bisping.
After a series of will they or won’t they fight involving Michael Bisping’s knee and GSP’s preparations, Dana White announced at the UFC 214 pre fight press con that the Bisping-GSP ship had sailed and that GSP would get the winner of the Tyron-Demian fight.
Well, surprise surprise, the fight didn’t turn out to be what people expected and has the ignominy of having the least strikes of a UFC 5 round fight and people were visibly irritated and shouting ‘boring’ and eventually put on their cell phone lights for some reason. Now without taking anything away from Tyron and Damian, as only they know how tough it was their in the Octagon and Tyron didn’t want to commit the same mistake of Demian Maia’s past many opponents, but the reaction to this fight prompted Dana White to take GSP away from the winner, Tyron Woodley, saying no one wanted to see Tyron fight after his latest performance.
He said Michael Bisping would be ready to face GSP and ‘most probably’ Robbie Lawler may get to face Tyron next.
Tyron on the other hand ,in his post fight interviews, insisted GSP was afraid to face him and Bisping was a safer match up for him.
Coming to Bisping now, he was as usual in the UFC on Fox show and mentioned that he was anyways supposed to fight GSP and that’s what they had such a huge press conference for. He did a pretty good impression of GSP’s French Canadian accent as well.
So let’s see what actually transpires now, but all of the aforementioned options seem to be pretty interesting as of now.

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