Brendan Schaub feels Fox has a sub-par MMA analyst panel for UFC Tonight

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Brendan Schaub has often been criticised for his comments on podcasts about fighters. The former UFC Heavyweight has again found himself in hot water for his controversial comments on some UFC Tonight panellists such as Tyron Woodley, Yves Edwards and even Daniel Cormier.

Brendan Schaub served as a panellist with Fox for UFC Tonight. However, he was let go by Fox and hasn’t been on the show’s panel since. UFC Tonight currently features a panel which often includes Daniel Cormier, Tyron Woodley, Yves Edwards, Dominick Cruz, Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping.

Schaub insinuated that Cormier, Edwards and Woodley weren’t great panellists and were only on the show because Fox wanted to prove that they aren’t racist. He also made a few jibes about the show having an all-black panel, completely ignoring the fact that the show also has white panellists like Cruz and Bisping. Below are the infamous comments made by Schaub:

Sometimes when you look at UFC Tonight, you’re like is that the best panel possible or are you just trying to check off the boxes? We get it, UFC Tonight Fox, you’re not racist. We get it, you have an all black panel. We get it. We get it, man. 

I’m going to ask you again, are those the best brains and speakers for the art to the general audience? Depends. Depends on the night, depends on the panel they have.”


This incident was brought to Edwards’s attention by someone on Twitter and he slammed Schaub asking him about his comments. However, Brendan tangled his comments and instead apologised to Edwards and claimed that his comments have been misinterpreted. Here is the Twitter conversation between the two:




Here’s a link to a video in which Schaub makes these infamous comments

Schaub’s statement seems like a case of sour grapes considering how he was let go by Fox. Cormier is a great orator with superb insights, Woodley and Edwards are highly insightful analysts as well. They aren’t panellists for UFC Tonight because of the colour of their skin but because they are really good at their job.

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