Chris Weidman plans to return to the UFC in 2022

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Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has stated that he will be back in the octagon in 2022. Chris Weidman has been sidelined after he suffered a brutal injury in his last outing. Chris fought Uriah Hall in a rematch of their first fight in 2010 which Chris had won via TKO. The rematch was expected to take place at UFC 258. But, Weidman was pulled from the event due to a positive COVID-19 test and the fight was canceled, the rematch took place at UFC 261 on April 24, 2021. The first strike which Chris Weidman was a hard low leg kick that was checked by Hall. Chris Weidman broke his shin as his kick was checked and then stepped back on that leg and his shin snapped in half and he fell back. The fight was stopped and Hall was declared the winner via TKO.

Now nine months after suffering the injury, Chris Weidman has laid out his future fighting plans and has stated that he will be returning soon.

“I want to fight before I turn 38 in June,” Weidman revealed on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “That’s my goal. I hate seeing the older age on the screen when I get introduced. I’ve always been like that, even when I was in my 20s. I don’t want to be 29, I want to be 28 for the next one. So I still have that in me a little bit, now I’m just way older. So if I could fight around early June, that would be great. Again, there’s a lot in the air and it’s very unpredictable.

“This is a very serious injury. I’ve been through lots of injuries before, obviously, you know I’ve had 25 surgeries. This is very different. There’s a lot of moving parts. So I have goals when I’d like to fight but I’m not going to die over a month or two difference. I am coming back and I am coming back in 2022.”

Chris Weidman has talked about his healing process in detail and said he is working on his lower leg as it’s not in good shape at the moment.

“I’m doing everything,” Weidman said. “My leg’s not where I need it to be yet, to be happy going into the octagon against world-class guys and think I can be the best in the world. It’s not there yet just because of strength and a little bit of pain I’m still dealing with the lower leg while moving around.”

“But it’s progressively getting better and I think in the next month or two, I’ll be to the point where I’m happy with it and then I can start like a pre-training camp. Get my body back into hardcore shape and see how the body deals with a camp. Like a mock training camp and then I’ll get into it and then I’ll probably call the UFC and try to set up a fight and get into a real training camp. I’ve been training hard.”

Chris Weidman says that he is going good in the gym

“I will just let you know right now I am looking really good in the gym,” Weidman said. “I’m training with some top-up and-coming guys. Some undefeated pro-MMA guys in my weight class. I’m doing really well. I feel great.”

“I’ve just got to get my body healthy and get out there again. I could walk into a fight tomorrow and probably win against a lot of the guys but I still want to be better with my leg. So I’m going to take the time to get my body there.”

Chris Weidman says he wants to fight again because he loves this sport

“A lot of people out there are like ‘why are you doing this?’” Weidman said. “You already became champion. What’s the point of putting yourself back out there, possibly getting knocked out, getting hurt again. People think I have other abilities to make money and why would you be doing this?

“Honestly, I’m not doing it for the money. I’m not doing it for any other reason than I truly love it.”

“If I’m getting thrown around the gym and I see a decline in my skill set as time goes on, I’m not sticking around,” Weidman said. “I know a lot of people say this and I don’t want to sound redundant but I’m just being as honest as I can. Not that I’m going to be fighting forever but right now it looks like my body’s going to give me another chance at this and I know I can fight at the highest level.”

“What’s better for me than to create an awesome story? To motivate and inspire people. Everyone saw what happened to me, for me to come back and make a big splash, really excites me. I’m pumped and I’m going to keep training hard.”


  • Chris Weidman will return in 2022
  • Chris Weidman says he is doing his best to recover
  • Chris Weidman will be continuing to fight as he is still in love with the sport

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