Colby Covington details his verbal altercation with Mama Woodley in the crowd at UFC 235

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Colby Covington is known for getting into more confrontations than a normal person would know what to do with. He was in the crowd when Kamaru Usman was able to defeat Colby Covington. As if his confrontation with Kamaru Uman was not enough, he managed to get into a confrontation with Tyron Woodley’s mother. Recently, he detailed what had been said during his conversation with Woodley’s mother.


Colby Covington said that the lustre is no longer there for a fight between him and Tyron Woodley. Now that the fighter lost, it was clear that his proclamation of being the best Welterweight in the world was far from true.

Covington went on to claim that while he was in the crowd during the fight, he got into a confrontation with Tyron Woodley’s mother before Dana White had to separate the two of them. He said that during that time the fans were cheering for him, with there being actual ‘beef’ between him and Tyron Woodley.

“Even me and ‘Mama’ Woodley had a fight in the crowd cause all the fans were cheering ‘Colby you’re the real champ’ and I said that’s right and Mama Woodley stands up ‘oh hell no, f—k you Colby, my son’s going to knock you the f—k out’ and then Dana [White] had to come separate us and keep security by us. It was crazy.” h/t Sherdog

Covington might be the next person to face Kamaru Usman for the Welterweight Title, once Usman has recovered sufficiently.

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