Colby Covington slams UFC’s negotiation tactics of ‘keeping fighters poor’

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The former UFC  interim welterweight champion Colby Covington was supposed to face Kamaru Usman for a title shot at Usman’s welterweight belt. However, things fell off for Colby at the negotiation table with the UFC. Covington has now slammed UFC’s negotiation tactics and has accused them of keeping the fighters poor.

Covington revealed in an interview given to BJ, that the UFC uses bully tactics and has ‘slave labour negotiations’. Here’s what he had to say:

That’s how UFC does business, they do the bully tactics. They do the slave labor negotiations. It’s sick man. They don’t want to pay any of the fighters because they want everybody to be poor, so they keep back coming back and fighting all the time, and fighting six times a year.

They said, ‘Oh, show up for the Robbie Lawler fight,’ I make them millions and millions and they just continue to just pocket all that money, and they don’t want to pay me a fraction — not even five percent of any of that money. It’s ridiculous how they can pocket 95, 98 percent and not give the fighters any more than the two or three percent.








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