Colby Covington Unloads On ‘Hypocrite’ Sean Strickland For Critisicing UFC Fighter Pay

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Colby Covington recently defended the UFC when Sean Strickland voiced his concerns about fighter pay. Strickland, who has advocated for better compensation in the UFC, referred to the starting $10,000 show and $10,000 win purses as “criminal” . However, Covington believes that Strickland’s criticism is misplaced.

Covington pointed out that Strickland himself has benefited financially from the UFC. After all, Strickland now lives in a luxurious mansion, drives great cars, and has money in the bank. Covington questioned, “Who is he to say this?” . Furthermore, Covington highlighted that Strickland’s current earnings range from a guaranteed $500,000 to 1.5 million per fight.

Colby Covington Slams Sean Strickland For Calling UFC Fighter Pay “Utter Garbage”

“My thoughts are, Sean changed his life, so he’s kind of hypocritical to be saying this,” Covington said on SOSCAST w/ Adam Sosnick. “Now he lives in a really nice mansion-style type house, you know, has great cars, and has money in the bank. So who is he to say this?

“He’s literally being a hypocrite too, like, he’s talking about the guys that just started in UFC. He’s talking about the $10,000/$10,000 pay? Yeah, that’s when you get your first fight in UFC. Let’s talk about what he’s making now. He’s making a guaranteed $500,000 to 1.5 million in that range per fight.”

The former interim champion emphasized that fighters should be rewarded based on their contribution to the company’s success. According to Colby Covington, if a fighter hasn’t added value or helped the UFC generate revenue, they shouldn’t expect handouts or healthcare. He argued that Strickland’s criticism overlooks the financial opportunities the UFC has provided him.

Colby Covington believes that Strickland’s stance on fighter pay lacks perspective and fails to acknowledge the financial gains he himself has experienced in the UFC. The debate over fighter compensation continues, but Covington’s perspective sheds light on the complexities of the issue.

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