Conor McGregor Superfan gets in trouble for supporting the Double Champ.

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The hardcore Conor McGregor fan, who usually holds cards in support of the double champ, appeared again in support of his hero outside the court on the day of his final verdict.

Robbie with Conor

The kid who goes by the name Robbie works as an MMA reporter for Barstool Sports. Robbie went viral after a video of him holding cards in support of Conor hit the interwebs during his last trial. He had also stated that Conor is innocent and the dolly slid from his hand and he never threw it with any bad intentions.


Robbie who showed up again today for the final trial of Conor in NYC appears to have landed in some trouble. The Kid posted a picture of him next to a bunch of NYC cops who were examining the megaphone he had in his hand moments ago.

Robbie has confirmed in a tweet that he is now due in Criminal court this October. Prima facie it appears as if the kid landed in some trouble for some minor offense such as noise contamination etc.



Fedor Emilienanko dosnt really seem to care much about Conor McGregor.

The CHAMP CHAMP is FREE: Conor McGregor dismissed of all felony accounts.



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