Conor McGregor throws massive castle party for his daughter’s christening

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The former UFC champ champ, i.e. the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been known to have an exorbitant, over the top personality, he is someone who is not just a great athlete but is also famous for partying and celebrating quite wildly outside of the octagon. Ever since winning two belts and sort of semi-retiring from the sport of MMA, McGregor has mostly only been in the news for his out of sports activities, one of which is partying abilities. This time is no different with McGregor making the headlines for throwing a party…..for his daughter’s christening ceremony.

Christening ceremony is a ceremony associated with Christianity. In this ceremony usually, a new born baby is christened.

McGregor threw a massive castle party for his daughter’s christening ceremony this past Sunday. The party was at an exotic resort which is as expensive as being $6050/night rent. Both Conor and his wife Dee Devlin were often pictured celebrating the ceremony with their young daughter Croia Jr.






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