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Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor has done a lot for the UFC

Conor McGregor is not just a name now in 2018, he is a brand in the combat world. Because of him many fans in India have shown interest in Mixed Martial Arts. He became famous very quickly and his path to success was not easy. He grew up in Dublin, Ireland.

Conor has fought in 3 divisions (Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight) and he was very successful during his Cage Warrior days too. He was a two division Champion there. All the hype behind him was real and he proved it. He beat everyone put in front of him in the UFC before the Nate Diaz 1 fight. He knocked out Jose Aldo cold in 13 seconds of the first round and; captured the Featherweight gold of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the first UFC fighter to earn $1million from a single fight. He brought fans all over the world into MMA, he brought more money in to the game and; his trash talking brought people flocking to his Press Conferences and the last thing is Conor McGregor can sell a whole PPV card on his own. Look at the history of MMA, no MMA fighter fought with an undefeated boxing legend in a boxing ring with a record breaking pay per view.
Conor Mcgregor knows his worth very well but is he over extending his hand by protracted negotiations with the UFC and not defending either of his belts and his extended leave from the Octagon?
It remains to be seen how this whole situation plays out and whether Tony Ferguson and Khabib fight at UFC 223 for the ‘real’ belt or the ‘interim’ one but as of now Conor McGregor is still the lightweight champion of UFC and everyone,casual and hardcore alike are waiting to see him in the Octagon.
By Santanu Roy

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