Conor McGregor volunteers to host Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise MMA fight

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Combat sports and mixed martial arts, in particular, is at times not taken too seriously by mainstream fans and the mainstream media because it often has some extremely weird matches, etc that sort of demean the spirit of the sport. For instance, a similar instance where a weird matchup took place recently was in boxing when Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI had a boxing match. However, MMA sort of took that to the next level this morning when singer Justin Beiber took to Twitter to call out the popular actor and global icon Tom Cruise for an MMA match. What was weirder is the fact that former UFC champ champ Conor McGregor agreed to host the match if Cruise agreed to it.

It should be noted that Beiber is McGregor’s client as he trains with and is a member of the McGregor FAST program.

Everyone is currently unaware of what the reason is behind Beiber suddenly challenging Cruise for a fight.

Below are the tweets from both Beiber and McGregor:









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