Corey Anderson says Jon Jones deserves a Grammy for his acting skills

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The highly controversial and rather infamous UFC light heavyweight champion and one of the pound for pound greats of all time Jon Jones recently again found himself in a lot of hot water and controversy after news of him allegedly assaulting a woman in an Alberquerque strip club came out. It was also alleged that Jones was also briefly arrested by the Police for this incident. This led many people to remember how Jones had once previously cried and apologised to the fans for his actions. Fellow UFC light heavyweight recently took a verbal shot at Jones and claimed that after another such incident Jones ow deserves a Grammy for his acting skills.

It should be noted that the Grammy awards are solely music awards which are presented by The Recording Company. Grammy awards are not rewarded for good or bad acting.

Anderson took to Twitter and compared Jones’ acting skills to those of the noted Hollywood actor Denzel Washington. Here’s what he had to say:

So last week it was his past like he was a changed man. This morning we see he’s still the same ol ‘Can’t get right’…from a pregnant woman to strippers. @JonnyBones deserves a Grammy for his acting skills, cuz he selling the media that changed man roll like Denzel. #ufc #phony






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