Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor

UFC: Cowboy reveals clauses in his UFC contract prevent him from doing adventure sports – but that he does them anyway

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Former two-time title challenger and long time veteran Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone is preparing for the biggest fight of his 16 year old career. Cerrone will welcome former double champ and superstar ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor after a hiatus of almost 15 months.

Considering the magnitude of the fight, the UFC wants to make sure that Cerrone makes to the fight on January 18. Even though Cowboy has never pulled out of a fight in his UFC career, the organization is well versed with his habits. After all he’s called ‘Cowboy’ for a reason.

An avid lover of adventure sports, Cowboy indulges in them quite frequently. And yes, even during fight camp. Be it Whether it’s riding horses, snowmobiles, or motorcycles, engaging in paintball matches, and just biking the mountains. And on top that, he fights five-six times a year. That being said, Cowboy claimed that his contract has clauses of not indulging in them. However any guilt, Cowboy confessed that he does them anyway.

“There are clauses [in my contract] like I can’t ride horses, but I ride horses all the time,” Cerrone explained in his “More Than a Cowboy” documentary series on Amazon. “There’s a bunch of things in the clause – you can’t ride motorcycles, can’t jump mountain bikes – but I have never not shown up to a fight in my life. I’ve never missed weight. I’ve never been injured and not made it. I’ve been injured and still fought, of course. But I’ve never called and said, ‘Oh I can’t make it,’ or you call me with an opponent and (I) say, ‘Man, I just don’t know if that guy’s really going to work for me right now.’

“The answer’s always yes, and we show up and we fight, so I think they just let ‘Cowboy’ be ‘Cowboy,’ because I’m f*cking coming no matter what.”

Cerrone made his lightweight return in 2019 after a fairly mediocre welterweight stint. He opened really well by winning two fights however his rise to the title was derailed by a doctor stoppage TKO loss and a KO loss against Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje respectively.

The brutal knockout loss against Gaethje has raised a question mark on Cowby’s durability as to whether he can endure the infamous McGregor left hook. However that loss was back in September and a rejuvenated Cerrone at 170 will look to spoil McGregor’s welcome party on January 18.

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