Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Cowboy to Conor McGregor: Trash talk all you want but don’t go for a low blow!

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Donald Cerrone has always been the man who has never minced his words. “Cowboy” has always called a spade a spade. And that is one of the reasons why he is never involved in any trash talking.

On Jan. 18th, he will go against a man that became the biggest name in mixed martial history by virtue of his trash talking. Obviously, McGregor had the talent to back up his words. But the way he verbally picked apart opponents has provided a blueprint for many others.

Contrary to his previous outings, this time around Conor has stayed relatively quiet. And Cowboy doesn’t want to instigate and start anything either. Instead, he blames the media for bringing up their past altercations in order to stir something up.

“That’s just you media boys digging and shoveling for sh*t to bring up,” Cerrone said when speaking about the incident to MMA Fighting. “That’s all that was. Conor hasn’t said anything bad about me so you’ve got to go get old sh*t out.”




Even when the fight was just doing the usual rounds of speculations during most part of 2019, the former two division champ was relatively quiet. His call outs on social media were nothing but respectful. However, that doesn’t mean how good Cowboy doesn’t appreciate Conor’s gift of the gab.

“He’s the best at it. He is the best,” Cerrone said about McGregor’s trash talk. “The thing is you’d really have to go low, talk about my grandma or my kid and then it would put it on another level. You understand what I’m saying? Then I’ll just come f*ck you up in the lobby type sh*t.

“I don’t think it’s ever going to go that way. He understands that. We’re fighting, he can talk about that all he wants but don’t low blow.”

“Just like I don’t say nothing about him. I don’t care,” Cerrone said. “He lives his life out of fighting, that’s his thing. I got nothing to say about it. He’s his own man.

“I’m going to try to get in there and mix it up with him. I’m happy to welcome him back.”

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