Dan Kelly looking for a ‘retirement fight’ against Zak Cummings

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UFC Middleweight and Judo Olympian Dan Kelly has an opponent in mind for his retirement fight. The 40 year old is on a 3 fight losing streak with his last loss coming to Tom Breese at UFC Liverpool and is looking to call it quits with a last fight.

Dan Kelly is ready to end his career with a fight against Zak Cummings.

“It’s been coming for a while. I’m 41 in October, obviously I’m on the biggest skid of my career by far in terms of results,” Kelly said.The last fight really annoyed me because I did everything properly in terms of preparation and it was an injury more than anything else. I mean, the knuckle of his thumb went into my eye – not his finger, it was a fair punch, but it’s taken two months for the eye to get right. I’ve just started back training and yeah, I don’t want to finish over the other side of the world. If I get the opportunity I wanna finish at home and then go onto the next phase of my life.”

Kelly said that after a long career in Judo and MMA he was ready to finish his career and when he saw a callout from Zak Cummings on Twitter, he was all for it.

“I was just sitting there minding my own business and yeah, it popped up and I was very excited by it,” Kelly said. “I mean, obviously I’m coming towards the end of my career and that’s a match-up that makes a lot of sense and is also very suitable for me. He’s got a good record, he’s a little bit older, he’s 34 and he’s a grappler. It’s always fun to go against grapplers, I have good records against grapplers and yeah, I jumped on it and said, ‘oh, okay, that would be interesting’. And plus, if I can get it, it would be my last fight. This would be the swan song and the farewell.”

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