Dana White feels Rory MacDonald is not the same person he was before the Robbie Lawler fight

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UFC President Dana White had for a long long time rated former UFC welterweight and the current Bellator MMA welterweight Rory MacDonald really highly. There has also been a lot of debate about MacDonald and whether he was ever the same after going into the Robbie Lawler fight. And the UFC President White does not believe that MacDonald has ever been the same.

White said in a recent interview given to Sirius XM that while MacDonald has done really well since leaving the UFC, he still is not quite the same fighter he used to be. Here’s what he had to say:

Yea, I think that umm.. It is a different situation in that because guys say they want to retire or do whatever and then just walk away. And then there’s guys that I let go of, or girls that I let go of, because I think that it is time. You know, but there are other places they can go and make money. But yea I think that Rory (MacDonald) is not the same guy he was going into the Robbie Lawler fight (at UFC 189).







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