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UFC: Daniel Cormier reacts on changing fans reactions, claims he doesn’t know know what he did

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Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion and the current UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier is one of the most respected and humble fighter currently in the world of MMA. However, the fans still tend to always boo ‘DC’. This hasn’t always been the case and he was loved by the fans during his Strikeforce tenure. ‘DC’ has now talked about the fan reaction towards him and he seems to be clueless about what has changed the fans’ reaction towards him from positive to negative.


UFC: Daniel Cormier reacts on changing fans reactions, claims he doesn't know know what he did - Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier has often been booed by the fans.

Cormier recently did a media tour to promote his upcoming fight against the UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic. During the interview, he talked about the fan reaction towards him. Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t know what I did, I didn’t really do anything. I did the exact same thing. They decide when they like you and when they don’t.

When I went out there that first time and they booed me with Jon [Jones], I just played the bad guy, I will say all the stuff you hate me saying. You hate that I make fun of [Jon Jones] for his addictions? I will say every one of those addictions and I’ll list them all out. Before it was like, I don’t think they’ll boo me for it. Okay, you’ll boo me for it? You don’t like that? I’d kind of feel out what people liked and didn’t like. And the things I got the most hate, on Twitter, I would start to say it in public. If you want me to be your bad guy, I’ll be your bad guy. I just kind of gauge it.

If it’s not genuine, people can see through that, If I start putting on that I hate Stipe Miocic, after going to Cleveland and doing a show on him and being around him and being friends with him, all of a sudden I hate him, people will be like ‘what, that makes no sense.’ That might actually turn people off from watching the fight, ‘this is too fake I can’t deal with it.’ I want to give a true accounting of what I am and what Stipe and I’s relationship truly is.








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