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Darren Till still has plans to drop to Welterweight

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In a recent interview Ariel Halwani, UFC fighter Darren Till mentioned his possible return to the welterweight division.


Darren Till’s previous UFC match was against former Middleweight champion Robert Whitaker. Unfortunately, Daren Till couldn’t emerge victoriously but still ended up putting a spectacular effort in this middleweight bout. Daren Till previously competed in the middleweight category when he faced Kelvin Gastelum and earned a victory through the split decision.

darren till


Daren Till started his career as a welterweight before recently moving up a weight class to middleweight. Daren Till has an impressive MMA record of 18-3-1 with many claiming him to be the best British fighter in the UFC over his countrymen Micheal Bisping.

In his interview with ESPN, Darren Till was recorded saying the following :

No [I’m not done at 170], because I didn’t even cut weight to make 185 mate. I didn’t cut no weight, no. But, as I said I am a walking f*****g contradiction. Fight week for 170 I’m walking in at like 280 pounds [laughs]. Fight week for 185, I’m walking in lighter than what I used to fight at, at welterweight,

That doesn’t make any sense. Colin is watching this looking at me like you are a f*****g wanker Darren. It doesn’t make any sense, fight week in Abu Dhabi I was just walking around like 87, 88 kilo. The fight day with Whittaker I was going to my coach, I haven’t put on any weight”.

Usually, guys re-hydrate and I did re-hydrate with the UFC PI but I put like 2-3 kilos on, it was mental. I wasn’t bothered, I was healthy, I didn’t cut no weight,” he continued. “It was like Darren when you used to fight at welterweight you would be coming in at 90 kilos on fight week cutting 13 kilos. Now, you are coming in lighter for middleweight what is wrong with you man? That is just me.”

Darren Till vs Hermansson?

It can be noticed that Darren Till possibly feels more healthy and confident when competing in welterweight division but unfortunately, there are no concrete plans on when and at what division will Till be fighting next.

Currently, Till is still recovering from his knee injury. Recently Darren Till had called out #4 Middleweight contender Jack Hermansson but no one knows the future about this fight. One can only assume that he would continue in the middleweight for sometime before returning to the welterweight division. Which division do you think Darren Till would be best suited to fight?


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Darren Till still has plans to drop to Welterweight - DarrenDarren Till still has plans to drop to Welterweight - DarrenDarren Till still has plans to drop to Welterweight - DarrenDarren Till still has plans to drop to Welterweight - DarrenDarren Till still has plans to drop to Welterweight - Darren

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