Darren Till ready to impose ‘his will’ on Tyron Woodley

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UFC Welterweight title challenger Darren Till is very confident in his gameplan against longtime champ Tyron Woodley with the fight coming up at UFC 228.

Till plans to impose his ‘will’ on Woodley

Till talked about how he came to know that he was fighting for the title.”I went to Vegas to speak to the UFC and have dinner,” Till said. “I knew they were going to offer me a big fight and then I started to hear the rumors. The UFC called me and said, ‘Tyron has now accepted the fight, we’re just waiting for the contract back, but the fight is on.”

“I had to turn social media off,” Till said. “It was just crazy. Just to see the messages rolling through and people shouting, ‘Till beat Tyron,’ booking flights and booking hotels, that’s becoming the norm right now. I can’t wait to showcase all my years of hard work to the Americans and have all my fans with me, my family and people who’ve just been there for no other reason than to support Darren Till.”

Tyron Woodley was scheduled to face the Interim Welterweight Champion Colby Covington before he was sidelined due to a nasal surgery.

That fact doesn’t bother Darren and he has already visualised how he is going to face the champion. “I’m going to impose my will on Tyron Woodley, not the other way around. Tyron is a good fighter when he’s coming forward and bullying people. I think his biggest strength is his mind. He’s very intelligent and knows how to win fights but he just hasn’t faced a person like Darren Till. He’s faced many great guys but they’re all different from me and I just don’t believe Tyron can beat me.”

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