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DC’s story of a fan entering the Octagon to help Conor McGregor is true!

UFC 229 was an epic pay per view for many reasons. It featured Khabib Nurmagomedov’s epic victory over Conor Mcgregor to retain his UFC Lightweight Championship, the brawl featuring both Khabib and Conor’s team, Tony Ferguson’s return from injury and his exciting Fight of the Night against Anthony Pettis and many more.

Daniel Cormier talks about the crazy fan who entered the Octagon at UFC 229

Adding to all of the above is a crazy story of a fan who entered the Octagon in the middle of the brawl, taking advantage of all the chaos to get close to Conor Mcgregor. The UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier confirmed this on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

There’s a guy behind me. He’s wearing this nice jacket. … So he’s standing behind me, and he goes, ‘Who do you get in the fight?’ This guy’s completely not into the game, right? So I go, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna go Khabib.’ So after the fight, when we all jumped the rail, I’m like in the octagon pushing, and the guy’s like checking on Conor. He was like a fan. He was just like a fan that jumped the rail when everyone else jumped the rail and got all the way to the octagon – he was like checking on Conor. I (later) asked my wife, ‘Salina, what happened with that guy? Was he with McGregor?’ She goes, ‘Daniel after he went and checked to make sure Conor was OK, he just got back in his seat.’ I swear to God. He just climbed the rail and got back in his seat. I was like, ‘What in the world just happened!? What in the world just happened!?’ It was crazy. How did this dude end up in the octagon, and then he checked to make sure Conor was OK, and then he went back and sat down. 

The fan David Martin has uploaded the whole sequence of events on Twitter.


There is no clarity on whether the over-enthusiastic David Martin will receive any kind of sanction or ban from attending the fights in T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas but everyone agrees that his experience in Vegas was one of a kind.



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