Despite Poirier’s recovery, UFC not willing to book Diaz vs Poirier again

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Dustin Poirier vs. Nate Diaz was one of the most highly anticipated fights announced for the UFC 230 set for Nov. 3 at Madison Square Garden.

But due to Poirier’s injury, the fight was cancelled.

Recently, Dustin Poirier gave an update on his injury and said that he will not require surgery and should resume training next month.

In a recent interview Dustin Poirier also said,” If nothing else shakes out, or everyone else is booked, I think Diaz does make a lot of sense”.

“I really wish I could tell you [what’s next]. I have no clue.
“I think if Khabib doesn’t get a big punishment, I think him and Tony makes sense. Tony’s on a 12-fight win streak; he’s the former interim world champion. He’s done everything to prove he’s the next guy in line. And I’m the guy after that. I’ve just got to keep my spot.”

But Dana White does not seem interested in offering Nate a fight until “Diaz is just absolutely dying to fight”.
On being asked whether Dana want to re-book Dustin vs Nate by Brett Okamoto from ESPN, Dana White said,

“I’m not interested in making a Diaz fight until Diaz is just absolutely dying to fight. When he’s ready to fight he’ll let us know.”

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