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Diego Sanchez wants a proper opponent for his retirement fight

Diego Sanchez

UFC veteran Diego Sanchez is in the twilight of his fighting career but wants to fight a proper opponent for his retirement.

UFC veteran Diego Sanchez, who helped the promotion launch The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) back in 2004, is ready to cross the MMA finish line after nearly twenty-years competing in combat sports. The means to that end is a retirement fight against the right opponent. Following Sanchez’s UFC 253 loss to Jake Matthews, many wondered what would be next for him. Some thought he should retire but he made it clear he would look to continue fighting. Being in the mix for around 20 years, Diego is still extremely competitive at the age of 38. He has gone 3-2 in his last 5 fights and is keen to finish his career on a fight note.

Yet after facing loss in his last fight, it appears Sanchez has been doing some thinking and he is ready for his retirement fight and searching for the right opponent.

“Diego Sanchez. “I feel like I always knew fighting was what I wanted to do.” The end of this fighting lifestyle approaches very soon. Retirement fight needs to be the proper opponent and I’m checking out of this game,” Sanchez wrote on Instagram.

Diego Sanchez has some names for his last fight

Recently Sanchez signed a four-fight contract with UFC and he also shared some names that he would love to fight as his retirement fight.

“My goals in these last four fights in the UFC is to finish strong, to finish healthy…I shoot for the moon man, I shoot for the moon in everything I do. I’m looking for legend fights…I’m not looking past Jake Matthews, but I’m looking for some legend fights.”

While mentioning some possible opponents, Sanchez dropped the biggest name of all when he called out Conor McGregor. Although ‘The Notorious’ is retired from MMA, he remains the biggest figurehead in the sport. A fight against Conor McGregor brings in an astronomical amount of buzz to all parties involved.

“Nick Diaz is coming back. There are some other names, Nate Diaz, there’s a lot of big fights that would be appealing for the fans. I said I shoot for the moon, Conor McGregor is the number four fight. I envision myself dominating these next three fights and finishing my career with a fight with Conor McGregor. That’s my dream, that’s my vision. As I build my legacy and he does what he does, I’ll be waiting if he wants to do it at the end of the road.”

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