Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn says Conor McGregor was a nightmare for UFC, says he became bigger than UFC

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World-renowned combat sports promoter Eddie Hearn has made some interesting comments regarding the UFC and UFC’s biggest superstar Conor McGregor. Eddie Hearn has given out his unique point of view on the UFC and the issue that is repeatedly coming up around the promotion regarding the fighter’s pay issue. Hearn talked about the highly active topic in combat sports which is the difference in pay in Boxing and the UFC. Many UFC fights have raised their voices against it including Jon Jones, Paulo Costa, Francis Ngannou, etc. Hearn has talked about the issue and stated what causes the huge difference in the pay scale between boxing and the UFC.

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Eddie Hearn recently appeared on MMA HOUR and talked to Ariel Helwani. In this interview, he made some very bold statements about the UFC pay structure and how UFC President Dana White operates the system.

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“I think that fighter power has drifted down the UFC probably a little bit slower than it did in boxing,” Hearn said. “Very old promoters — every fighter that I represent is my boss. Whether they’re a kid debuting in their first fight, I work for the fighter. That’s my mentality. The old school, the couldn’t say it. Fighter power in boxing for a while now, they’ve become the boss, they’ve become in control of their own destiny.”

“For UFC, where they’ve been very smart is it’s such an honor to get a UFC deal, you see these kids coming out of Bellator or Cage Warriors or wherever it is, the thought of getting a UFC contract is everything. But I feel in the UFC they don’t want you to get too big, and when you do – I used to almost laugh at Conor because I can just imagine just the disruption that he was causing in that organization because that’s not really the name of the game. We don’t want a star that is bigger than the UFC. Conor McGregor became bigger than the UFC, really, and that’s a nightmare for those guys.”

According to Eddie Hearn, the UFC had to work hard to stay in contract and in business with UFC’s biggest superstar Conor McGregor.

“Don’t forget that the fighter, the representation that fighter has, it’s their responsibility to put the best deal together possible,” Hearn said. “What surprised me is the length of time they’ve been able to manage individuals as they’ve grown. So Conor was a good example.”

“I always thought Conor would just walk away from the UFC, start-up his own promotional arm of MMA — and it’s very interesting, I’d love to see behind the scenes the ins and outs of how that relationship was managed with Conor. Reports of when he boxed Mayweather, they went 50-50 on the purse, the UFC, and Conor. That’s outrageous, but at the same time I understand he’s in contract and you’re not allowed to take that fight, so to do that, that’s the deal. It all comes down to the deal.”

“I go back to the beauty of the UFC which is that to join the UFC is a dream and when it’s a dream, ultimately, you’re gonna get a great deal. I think a lot of these early deals look great for an MMA fighter, it’s only when they become a sizable draw that that changes.”


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  • Eddie Hearn says Conor McGregor is a good example of a fighter

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