Elon Musk Believes Mark Zuckerberg ‘Chickened Out’ of Their Cage Fight

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X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk took a shot at Mark Zuckerberg claiming that the latter ‘chickened out’ of a proposed cage fight.

Musk expressed his desire to fight Mark Zuckerberg in a cage. Elon Musk had declared he intended to fight Mark Zuckerberg in a cage after it became known that the Meta technology company had been developing a rival program. After accepting the offer, Zuckerberg pushed Musk to reveal the fight’s location. It was announced that Musk and Zuckerberg will engage in a cage battle. Furthermore, he said that the fight would be broadcast live on his social media network, X.

Elon Musk takes a dig at Mark Zuckerberg

Recently, Elon Musk appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and addressed the proposed cage fight between himself and Mark Zuckerberg. Musk alleged that the Meta CEO was the one who backed out of the battle.

“He’s chickened out. Puck, puck, puck,” Musk said, laconically imitating a chicken. “Italy actually was willing to let us use the Coliseum,” he claimed.

Elon Musk continued: “I was like, well, can’t turn that down. Then I was like, well, if it’s going to be in the Coliseum, I like UFC and everything, but we don’t have tons of ads in UFC branding on the Coliseum ‘cause it’s a place of great history. You don’t want to have it be all like NASCAR. And then Zuck pulled out.

“He used the pull-out method,” Musk said, cracking himself up.

Musk noted that Zuckerberg was scared to face him and said: “He lives in Palo Alto. He’s like three miles from the Tesla California headquarters. But there was nobody there.”

“According to a spokesperson, he was traveling,” Musk said. “I just thought it was funny to go, ‘I’m coming over to your house. I’m gonna get ya!’”

Musk is apparently keen to face Zuck and he told Rogan that he would duel “literally any time…anywhere, anyplace, under any rules,’” Musk revealed he wouldn’t require any training for the match.

“I’m way bigger than [Zuckerberg],” he reasoned. “A walrus doesn’t need martial arts training, ‘cause it’s really big. If a horse falls on you and dies, you can get trapped under a horse and not get yourself out.”

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