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Everything You Need to Know About Betting Exchanges in India - betting

Everything You Need to Know About Betting Exchanges in India

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Everything You Need to Know About Betting Exchanges in India - betting
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Many people confuse betting exchanges with betting sites or platforms. But that is not right. There is a difference between the terms. 

Betting exchange is not a new concept. It has been in existence for more than ten years. It is different from typical betting platforms.

Betting Exchanges in India

It is a common platform where people come together to place their bets. It is done between gamblers. A bookmaker is present, but the involvement is restricted. 

They will only act as a catalyst. Their only duty is to make sure the transaction takes place. In return, they charge commission. The rate can vary from 2% – 5%. 

There are many betting exchanges available in the market. As everything is online, you can place bets from your home, using the betting website or app. 

Out of all the online exchanges, Betfair ranks on top. There are many betting exchanges in India.



There is a match between India and Australia. So Punter A will go to a betting exchange to place their bet. They will bet on India to win. Now, this bet will only get accepted when another punter will place a counter bet. 

So if Punter B goes to the same exchange and places a bet on Australia to win, then Punter A’s bet will be accepted. The betting exchange will place their bets against one another. To do this, they will charge a commission.

Advantages of Betting Exchanges

Most gamblers prefer to bet in exchanges because there are more benefits. 

Laying Bet

The most significant advantage is that you can lay your own bets. You don’t have to put your money on the bet placed by the bookmaker. You have complete freedom to choose the sports, event or any other thing you want to place your bet on. If you can make the right prediction about a match, you can win a massive amount of money by playing your own bets.

Better Odds

Another advantage is better odds. Usually, bookmakers decide the odds. But when you place a bet in the exchange platform, you can have the chance of better odds. Most punters always go for better odds because it will increase their winning amount. It is also beneficial for the bookmaker as they charge commission.

Three Best Betting Exchanges in India

Everything You Need to Know About Betting Exchanges in India - betting

There are many popular inr betting sites in India, but not all deliver the same performance. Some are better than the others.


They provide a vast selection of betting games and events. You can also take advantage of all the bonus and promotional offers. It is an international betting exchange where most of the players are from India.


You can place live bets on this betting exchange. They provide various bonus and promotional offers. You can access it from your phone as well.

Royal Panda

It is a betting exchange where you can bet on various sports events. You can get a 100% bonus up to $20. Many Indian players use this platform to place bets.

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