Gambling and Betting with Ultra Modern Technology

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Lead the Way

“Gaming and Artificial Intelligence is a match made in technology heaven,” says Baazi Games co-founder and CEO Navkiran Singh in a recent article authored by him where he discusses the ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) influence and benefit online gaming.

Advanced computer technology has reached a stage where the interference of people, or “the middle man”, as Singh calles us, is no longer necessary for a machine to learn how to do a new task. “To simplify, Machine Learning creates algorithms that AI systems can use to process data and learn new things without having to be programmed,” he explains.

Contemporary algorithms have the ability to learn on the go and adapt to new circumstances with lightning speeds aided by big data and deep learning. Face recognition, fraud detection, and customer behavior prediction are just some of the things AI systems with ML capabilities can do.

Online Gaming Industry Wouldn’t Stay Behind

In recent years, forms of Artificial Intelligence have reached photography, video streaming, navigation and rideshare apps, spam filters, dating apps, medicine and virtually all other aspects of modern life. Like any industry worth many billions of dollars, online gaming was more than intrigued by the vast and innumerable possibilities brought by this new technology.

Personalisation powered by AI and ML can greatly enhance in-game experience for players providing instantaneous access to the exact content a user wants “cutting through the clutter”. With Advanced Analytics, a gamer can elaborate new and better strategies by analyzing and reassessing their gameplay. Determining the odds for a win can be greatly facilitated by Real-Time Probability Analysis, and these are just some of the examples of AI use cases in gaming.

Online Poker Gambling

With the help of AI powered metrics like VPIP (Voluntarily Put In Pot) and PFR (Preflop Raise) gamers are given the opportunity to have a one-glance overview of their own performance and the performance of their opponents both in quality and quantity terms.

VPIP measures the percentage of hands in which a gambler puts money in the pop preflop by their own will instead of folding. PFR accounts the percentage of hands in which a player decides to make a preflop raise when they have the option to fold or call instead. The understanding and proper utilization of the VPIP and PFR metrics has proven to be a crucial step towards improving a player’s gaming performance.

Online Sports and Cricket Betting

Wagering on sports, including India’s favorite online cricket betting, can also greatly benefit from AI and ML technologies in various ways. Still, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the sports betting industry is “currently a fairly slow burn,” as per the words of Nick Cockerill, product VP at Stats Perform, a sports data and analysis provider.

One of the possible uses could be the automated creation of content like facts and statistics, insights and highlights, and even whole articles and video footage. In terms of personalization of user experience, AI can come a long way by making micro adjustments to a sportsbook website tailored for a particular customer. “It can take out a menu that isn’t needed, for example, or remove certain markets from the screen that are irrelevant to the user. It can support a more recreational betting experience,” says Cockerill.

Building on the advantages of being able to instantly gather years of player data, AI systems can be used for the creation of a greater number of smaller player-specific markets that will enhance user experience. “Sports data reconstructs the story of a match – the deeper the data you have, the better the reconstruction and the better the analysis of specific facets of team play or a specific player’s performance,” says Patrick Lucey, AI VP at Stats Perform.

“That means AI can power betting experiences that can be confidently extended into many more player prop market types, for more players, so bettors aren’t limited to only a handful of players and props,” Lucey continues.

The ability to assess virtually instantaneously anything that happens before or during a game, odd generation by AI outperforms anything that can be achieved by manual processing of odds. “Instead of waiting for a human operator to consider the implications and adjust the odds for every market due to a pre-game or in-play change in a match, AI models can update immediately and are self-consistent as they come from the same kernel of knowledge. This is beneficial because it limits the time the market would be suspended, again improving bettor experiences,” explains Lucey.


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