Gary Tonon has a piece of advice for young MMA fighters.

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Garry ‘The Lion Killer’ Tonon, the world-class submission grappler turned MMA fighter has some words of wisdom for young fighters who are planning to transition from BJJ to MMA. Tonon, who is a five-time EBI champion is arguably one of the best grapplers in MMA at present.

But he certainly does not believe that being a BJJ expert qualifies anyone as a well-rounded grappler. He says that All BJJ fighters should learn basic wrestling or judo in order to master to fight in the standing position without eating the opponent’s punches while going for a takedown.


He adds that it is delusional to think that going to occasional wrestling classes and drilling some takedown is going to help a BJJ fighter coup with the pressure of standup wrestling, and the only way to succeed here is by doing consistent wrestling in the standup position.

Tonen recently had his first MMA victory and is on his of becoming a complete fighter. As he advances in his quest, there will be more Gyan to look out for in the coming days from the ‘Lion killer’.


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