Heather Hardy reveals she received death threats after boring BJJ fight

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Former women’s Boxing world champion Heather Hardy who has since her retirement fro professional boxing has transitioned into the sport of MMA and has been competing ever since professionally for Bellator MMA. In her last Bellator outing against another legendary former boxing world champion Ana Jualton, Hardy did win but was largely booed off by the fans for putting up a ‘boring BJJ fight’.

Hardy told MMA Junkie in a recent interview that the fans’ reaction got so extreme that she even received death threats for her performance. Here’s what she had to say:

I was crying the next day, I had to put my social media down. I got better feedback from when that girl broke my face than I did with the boring jiu-jitsu fight. I insulted the masses. All the fans hated it, They were sending me death threats. And it was then that I realized before I’m an athlete, I’m a performer, I’m an entertainer, and if I’m not entertaining then it doesn’t matter. So my personal goals don’t really make a difference. I gotta go in there and beat the (expletive) out of of this girl, and I don’t really care how it looks, and give the fans what they want to see.






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