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Here are the most popular sports in India in addition to MMA

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport prevalent in India. It involves fighting skills imported from boxing, karate, jujitsu and other combating disciplines. The sport is popular because of the endless action and high stakes involved.

The sport is hazardous and has seen some players sustain serious injuries to the brain and even broken their limbs severally. However, MMA is not the only sport that is loved by locals in India. In this article, you shall discover other sports that are popular in India.

Here are some of the sports:

1. Football

The national football team in India is ranked 96th among FIFA’s ranking. However, this fact does not deter Indians from loving the sport any less. In addition, they have not realised much accomplishment on the international front playing foreign teams, but the sport is nonetheless loved.

Statistics have it that in India; the most widely watched game after cricket is football. Lastly, India had also planned to hold the Fifa under 17 world cup in 2017.

2. Cricket

BCCI has realised a huge amount of profits because of the various revenue sources associated with cricket. The revenue sources may include tickets to watch a live game, betting proceeds and many more.

Additionally, India has brought into being some legendary cricket players such as Rahul Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev.

Further, the India Premier League has seen the participation of international players.
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3. Badminton

After cricket, the most played game would be badminton. The management of badminton is the Badminton Association of India and, without any doubt, they have steered this game in the right direction.

In 2010, Saina Nehwal from India was positioned the second-best player in the world. Further, she won a bronze medal alongside P.V Sindhu who bagged a silver medal in Olympics 2016.

Lastly, Indian players also won the 1980 and 2010—all England Opens.

4. Hockey

India and Pakistan are two of the most prominent countries in playing field hockey. As a testament, India has bagged a total of 8 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. That is by far more medals as compared to any other field hockey team in the world.

In 1975, during the world cup tournament in Malaysia, India carried the day. That is not all, in 2018 during the Asian Games in 2018 India got the silver medal. The women’s team achieved the medal, and the men’s team attained third place overall.

5. Chess

During the last twenty years, chess has gained popularity in India, which has seen it grow tremendously. The growth can be associated with the previous chess world champion and grandmaster, Viswanathan Anand, from India.

He has inspired an entire generation to try out the game seeing how much success he has achieved during his lifetime.
The mandate of All Indian Chess Federation is to oversee all activities of this awesome game manages chess.
Lastly, players from India have secured decent rankings in the 2020 FDE.

6. Tennis

For some time now, Tennis has been a popular sport in India. As much as India has not been a force to reckon with in the singles category, they have proved that they are unbeatable in the mixed doubles and doubles groupings.

Some prominent players in Tennis have served as an inspiration to Indian youth. They are Rohan Bopanna and Sania Marza. Together, they have worked to see the sport gain in both popularity and participation.

Further, in the international scene, India has been leaving tracks for others to follow as they strive to improve their rankings.

7. Table Tennis

All over the world, table tennis is a popular indoor sport that is loved by many. India is no exception. The managing authority for table tennis in India is the Table Tennis Federation of India.

As of 2017, Sharath Kamal, an Indian national, was positioned the 43rd best table tennis player in the World. That is quite the achievement for India.

Fast forward to 2018, during the Asian Games, India got two bronze medals. The games were held at Jakarta.

8. Motor Sports

The latest addition to the most popular sports in India is motorsport. The sport is relatively new and thus is still in its initial stages. The youth in this country are its biggest fans seeing the thrill because of the high speed and flashy vehicles.

Formula one was also flagged off in India just a few years back. Only recently, in 2011, the India Formula One Grand Prix happened. It was the first-ever event of its kind in India.
The Grand Prix saw many nationals gain interest in the sport.

9. Basketball

In India, basketball is very common among students. The students are in high schools, colleges or any other tertiary institutions. In addition, basketball is common between both genders because of the rules and regulations brought forward by the FIBA Federation.

Here are the most popular sports in India in addition to MMA - MMAHere are the most popular sports in India in addition to MMA - MMAHere are the most popular sports in India in addition to MMA - MMAHere are the most popular sports in India in addition to MMA - MMAHere are the most popular sports in India in addition to MMA - MMA

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