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Hobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon

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Like most people, UFC fighters have hobbies and interests outside of the workplace. Some are quite commonplace while others are a bit outlandish.

The Many Personalities of the UFC

The UFC is home to some of the most diverse and interesting fighters in all of mixed martial arts. While they may all share a common goal of becoming the best in the world, each fighter has their own unique story and personality.

Among the various fighters is an array of different personal hobbies and interests. From music and movies, to video games and fashion, these athletes have more talent and knowledge than meets the eye.

Below is a list of beloved UFC fighters and their unique skills.

Ronda Rousey Plays World of Warcraft

Ronda Rousey is one of the world’s most famous UFC fighters, but did you know that she also loves playing World of Warcraft? In an interview with Conan O’Brian, Rousey revealed that she and Vin Diesel played together on the cast of Furious 7.

However, she mentioned that she has been playing the online game for years and that it’s one of her favorite hobbies outside of fighting. That and Pokémon, at least.

Rousey says that she enjoys the game because it allows her to escape from the real world and enter into a fantasy world where she can be anyone she wants to be. She also loves the anonymity of chatting online with people across the globe.

Conor McGregor Does Origami

When he’s not inside the octagon, UFC fighter Conor McGregor can be found spending his time doing origami. He’s even known for giving lessons, although you’d have to be inside his close circle already to get his contact details.

McGregor says that origami helps him to focus and relax, and that it’s a hobby that anyone can enjoy. He often uses Twitter to share photos of his latest creations.

From elegant cranes to elaborate stars, McGregor’s paper creations might be responsible for that extra “something” that landed him all those belts.

Terrence Chan Is an All-Star Poker Player

UFC fighter Terrence Chan wasn’t always the bantamweight pistol he is now. Before stepping in the ring, he was more likely to be found at the poker table. Chan is an All-Star Poker player and has made it to four World Series of Poker tables.

Chan is known for his skill in Texas Hold ‘em, the most played poker variation. He dedicated himself to learning the intricacies of the game and familiarising himself with all its niche vocabulary such as bad beat, cold call and, of course, nuts in order to master his skills. After turning pro as a fighter, Chan continued to pursue his passion for poker.

While Chan hasn’t had as much success in the UFC as he has in the poker world, he is remembered as being a man who decided to pursue his dream as a fighter, even if he didn’t have the typical build for it.

Hobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon - Hobbies

Georges St. Pierre Studies Paleontology

Georges St. Pierre is one of the most decorated UFC fighters of all time. He’s a former welterweight and middleweight champion, and he’s widely considered to be one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever.

However, in his free time, St. Pierre prefers getting down in the boneyard. He’s an avid paleontologist, and he’s even hosted a show on dinosaurs. The show is called In the Boneyard with Georges St. Pierre, and follows GSP as he ventures across South Dakota, Alabama, and Patagonia to find some of the most spectacular prehistoric sites.

He’s known for talking interviewers’ ears off with his Prehistoric facts. It goes to show that if you have a passion, you can take it and run with it, one way or another.

Anderson Silva Suits up for Paintball

Last but not least, the legend Anderson Silva is more than just a UFC record breaker. He also loves a wicked game of paintball.

He’s been spotted running through obstacles and “painting” his opponents. Always an athlete at heart, Silva is known for his nearly professional skills roaming the paintball battlefield.

He even has his own equipment. Go figure – since he goes every other weekend!

Hobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon - HobbiesHobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon - HobbiesHobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon - HobbiesHobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon - HobbiesHobbies UFC Fighters Have Outside the Octagon - Hobbies

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