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Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt

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TJ Dillashaw claims Cody doesn’t have a chin, while Cody vows to bring his best version

Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt -One of the more personal rivalries will once again come to the fore this weekend, when former
bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt looks to avenge his first — and only — loss in MMA,
when he faces his old teammate, and the man that handed him his loss, TJ Dillashaw.

There is more than just the title at stake. Cody and Dillashaw have been going at each other’s
throats since TJ fell out with TAM’s Urijah Faber, and moved to Elevation Fight Team along with
Duane Ludwig. Since then, it has been a carousel of he – said – she – said, but all the hoopla will
take a back seat at UFC 227.

TJ Dillashaw claims Cody Garbrandt has no chin

Last year, TJ eyed redemption when he said Cody for the UFC bantamweight strap. After months
of antagonizing each other, while also leaking tapes and throwing accusations, it was TJ that
walked out of the Octagon with his hand raised.

“Man, it’s just grilling every time”, Cody sighed, while talking to us about his rivalry with Cody.
“There are some fighters I know and some I don’t. It just helps me to grow as an athlete and as a
martial artist.”

While emotions got the better of both men the last time they stepped inside the cage, there hasn’t
been as much animosity or trash talk this time around. However, the bantamweight champion
promises to bring the same level of focus and barbarity to the cage this weekend.

“Every time I fight, it’s the same kind of emotion when I go out there. I try to put a smile on my face
and enjoy what I do. I love this job, and I love fighting every day. So it’s more of the emotion of
myself, and not (about) the person I’m fighting. It’s about the task in hand.”

“The reason why it’s different this time, is because I’m here to defend myself. I’m not being
ridiculed every time. When you knock someone out, they can’t be as brash. They can’t be as
confident in themselves. So, it’s a different game.”

However, Cody had a different take on the matter, and immediately interjected.

“I’m still confident”, Cody chimed in. “You will see (that) on Saturday. You can talk all you want. I’ve
been in the training camp all the time, while you’ve been (talking).

I came off the couch (during the last fight) TJ. You know that. That’s facts, brother. Those are

However, Dillashaw is aware of the power Garbrandt possesses, who was on a hot streak until he
faced Dillashaw. While TJ chose to stand and trade with Cody in their last fight, he opined that
Cody can hit hard, but cannot take a hit in return.

“He’s got some power, we all know that. But he doesn’t have a chin. He plays a dangerous game.
He doesn’t have a chin. I hit him with my foot and dropped him, and I hardly hit him.”

Cody Garbrandt vows to bring his best version at UFC 227

After his loss to TJ, Cody revealed that he was suffering from a back injury, and had no other
option but to get off his couch and fight Dillashaw. This time, however, Cody has gone through an
entire camp, and vowed to bring his best version this weekend.

Cody looked remarkable against Cruz, and when asked if we can get that version of Garbrandt at
UFC 227, Cody immediately responded by saying we can witness an even better version of him.

“A better version. You will see the best version on August 4th when I step inside the Octagon. You
will see the best version of me, ever.”

Cody also expressed his satisfaction at how well the camp has gone leading up to the fight.

“It has been perfect. I’m excited. I’m excited to be here. I’m healthy, had an amazing camp.
Everything is off the charts – my cardio, my strength, my speed. He (Dillashaw) is going to find out
Saturday how focused and determined I am to go in there and take back what he stole from me. I
can’t wait to rearrange his face.”

When asked what his biggest learning was from his loss to TJ last year, Cody said it felt good to
know that he knocked TJ down while coming off his couch, and fighting hurt.

“Know that I was able to do that coming off the couch, you know what I mean? I had a full camp
now. I’m healthy, and I’m mentally ready. I can visualize myself in there against TJ the entire camp.
I’m huge on that. I’m huge on realizing my destiny, and I have nothing but confidence now. I’m at
all – time high in terms of confidence, my skills is up there, everything is up there. I’m just excited to
go out there and fight. It’s been a while since I’ve been this hungry to fight, and it’s because I’m
completely healthy.”

Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt -Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt -Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt -Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt -Interview with TJ Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt -

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