Interview with Vijender Singh

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WWW.MMAINDIA.COM got a chance to chat with Vijender Singh before his big fight in Jaipur against African champ Ernest Amuzu on December 23rd 2017.

Q1) You were pretty active in 2015, 2016 with 8 fights in just 2 years. With just 2 fights in 2017, how active do you want to be in 2018 & years ahead?.

It all depends on how quickly the promoters can put together the fight and bring in noteable opponents. But given a choice i would definitely like to compete for atleast 3 times a year

Q2) Your previous fight with the Chinese boxer was the toughest till date.
What have you learnt from that tough fight and win? What did you feel you needed to work on if anything from the fight?

Every fight is a learning to me. I had prepared very hard for this fight just like any other fight and that’s what i will be doing so that i’m well prepared for any tough opponent that is thrown at me.

Q2) Pretty strong words coming from Amuzu saying that “you have not faced any tough and experienced opponent like him, and after facing him in the ring you will realise how tough pro boxing”..what are your thoughts on this

No doubt he is a tough opponent, but he should know that – Singh is Always King. He might have fought more fights than me and have fought better fighters, but he has not tasted the punching power of Indian boxer. Once he gets to taste it he will remeber for a long time.

Q3) You’re defending the titles against a much experienced boxer, there’s a lot of pressure on you to perform how do you plan to defeat him

Pressure is always part of the game –  be it amateurs or professional fight and i thrive under such situations. Im confident in my preparations and am sure that i will come out victorius.

Q4) You launched your promotions company to encourage new talent, can you throw some light on how do you plan to give them the much needed platform? Also do you have any names to announce for the talent he’ll be promoting?

I always thought once my boxing career is done, how can i give back to the community. i wanted to do something for those people who are coming from the rural areas and not so fortunate to get that access and exposure that is needed in boxing today. my promotions company soely focuses on developing thse budding talent and give them the right expsoure, tools and know how. We’re working on it and there is a lot of talent that can be promoted.

Q5) There are a lot of upcoming Jatt fighters now a days, what advantage do you think they have? is it the garam khoon or the natural aggression?

I don’t know whether it is the hot blood or the natural aggression, but one thing is sure that they are warriors and fighters. it is their fighting spirit that has led to this huge number of fighters coming from the Jatt community.

Q6) Lastly, do you still visit Bhiwani boxing centre?

It becomes quite a challenge due to my schedule, but yes i do try to visit and i had visited it recently.

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Interview by Sohail Syed


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