Is Education Important for MMA Fighters?

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There are more than 700 active MMA fighters included on the roster of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). To be an MMA fighter means to be following an extremely challenging regimen on a daily basis. It takes a huge mental and physical toll to be able to constantly stay in shape. Competition is fierce, so if you allow yourself a moment of weakness, you will be beaten square and fair.

With the above in mind, how important is it for MMA fighters to get an education? Or can they simply forgo education to focus on their training instead? We argue that there is a lot for them to gain from quality education. Here is why.

Higher Fighting IQ

Experience shows that those with college degrees usually have higher fighting IQs. They are better with their techniques, and they are usually more versatile. This is only a correlation, but it is an important one.

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More Options

Not all athlete careers last too long. Unfortunately, many are forced to cut them short due to injury or other reasons. When that happens, an MMA fighter is literally left functionless because he or she has no alternative to resort to. That’s why it makes sense to pursue a college degree in parallel. If disaster strikes, you have the safety net that keeps you covered. It would be foolish not to use it.

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More Coachable

College MMA athletes are also known to be more coachable. It could be because they are already used to training routines. They take instructions more easily, they are quicker to get their gist, and they are better able to put them to practice.

In fact, this is common across all other sports, so MMA is no exception. This is also proven by the experience and performance of the leading MMA fighters. Many of them have college degrees, and they are more prone to follow the instructions of their coaches as intended.

More Adaptable

MMA fighters who attend college have proven themselves to be more adaptable. This is an important skill for a fighter. If you stay committed to the tactics that don’t work, you will keep losing your fights. This is where your ability to adapt to the circumstances comes in.

That’s why many MMA fighters decide to enroll in a college. Make sure you find out more about the scholarships you can get. Identify your strengths and apply them accordingly. There is a good range of options available, so you should take the time to review them and pick one that works best for your needs and interests.

Final Considerations

MMA fighters have a tough daily routine. It gets tougher when they have to face their opponents. No doubt, it takes a lot of their resources to succeed in this sport. However, with proper education, they become even better fighters. Research shows that those with a college education are more versatile, more coachable, and smarter than others. Education also gives MMA fighters a good range of alternatives in case their careers go south for whatever reason.


Mary Herd is a professional writer and sports commentator. She has been following MMA for more than a decade. Mary is passionate about sports in general and MMA in particular. Her crisp reviews and summaries make her stand out as a sharp and experienced writer and sports commentator.


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