Joe Rogan breaks silence over his recent Spotify controversy

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Aside from his contributions to mixed martial arts and being hailed as “The Voice of the UFC”, Joe Rogan has also acquired popularity through his renowned podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, which streams on Spotify. However, the very podcast has recently been the reason why there has been heavy criticism being brought upon Rogan, specifically the recent allegations of the commentator spreading misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell had their music removed from the streaming platform. And now, Rogan has finally opened up on the situation.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in recent times, Joe Rogan was accused of spreading misleading information regarding the vaccine in two of his episodes that starred Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, by a group of doctors and scientists who also termed his podcast to be ‘dangerous’.

In the meantime, Neil Young gave an ultimatum to Spotify, to either keep his music or Rogan’s podcasts. The streaming platform did respond through an official statement on Wednesday that they were removing Young’s music. In the meantime, Canadian musician Joni Mitchell also followed suit and joined Young in his protest against Rogan and Spotify, removing her music from the platform as well.

“I’ve decided to remove all my music from Spotify,” Mitchell revealed through a post on her official website, “Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”

I don’t always get it right: Joe Rogan clears the air

On Sunday, Joe Rogan took to Instagram to finally break silence over the issue. While stating the credibility of guests that were present in the two episodes that have caused the controversy, Rogan said that what is misinformation today may turn out to be a fact tomorrow, as a number of cases regarding the virus and the vaccine has been so far and that is why he is open to differences of opinions on his podcasts.

However, he did apologize that he doesn’t “always get it right” and admitted that he does not want Young, Mitchell, or any other musician to take down their music from Spotify, as well as stating that the platform should put down a disclaimer prior to the podcasts that have people expressing mixed opinions regarding the pandemic and the vaccines.

“If there’s anything that I’ve done that I could do better, it’s having more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones, I would most certainly be open to doing that. And I would like to talk to some people who have differing opinions on the podcasts in the future. I do all the scheduling myself and I don’t always get it right. I don’t know what else I can do,” Rogan said in the clip. Check it out below-


  • Joe Rogan speaks up about the recent controversy surrounding his podcast which was accused of spreading misinformation on the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Musicians Nein Young and Joni Mitchell had their music taken down from Spotify, which also streams Rogan’s podcast

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