Joe Rogan Opens Up on That One UFC Rule Which Needs To Be Changed- “I Don’t Think The Rules are Right”

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Joe Rogan, the veteran UFC commentator and host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, recently shared his thoughts on the rules governing mixed martial arts (MMA). Specifically, he highlighted a regulation that he believes could enhance the sport.

The PRIDE FC Influence

Rogan expressed admiration for the now-defunct PRIDE FC’s approach to fights. He pointed out that PRIDE had a 10-minute first round, which he considered superior. According to Rogan, the current UFC rules fall short in this aspect. He stated:

“I think PRIDE had good rules, a 10-minute first round was better. Especially if someone works really hard. Four minutes and thirty seconds, you finally take the guy down, and now you’re on top and trying to set things up but the bell rings, and then you start standing up again.”

Joe Rogan’s Proposed Change: Longer First Rounds

Rogan’s suggestion is straightforward: make the first round of every fight 10 minutes long. This extended duration would allow fighters more time to showcase their skills and strategies. Additionally, he believes that if a fighter successfully takes their opponent down, they should earn the right to continue from that position rather than starting anew.

Visual Clarity and Position Tracking

To address potential confusion, Rogan proposed incorporating large screens above the cage. These screens would display the exact position in which both fighters ended the round. As the next round begins, both fighters would resume from that same position.

Joe Rogan’s call for a 10-minute first round aims to create a fairer and more dynamic MMA experience. Whether the UFC adopts this change remains to be seen, but it’s a topic that continues to spark debate within the fighting community. It cannot be implemented in a day as it will take time for fighters to get habituated to the new system.

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