UFC: Johny Hendricks is eager to make a comeback at welterweight, reveals he is now a free agent

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Former UFC welterweight champion Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks who is now a free agent, has claimed that the UFC wants him back to fight in the welterweight division.


Can Johny Hendricks make a comeback at welterweight!?

Hendricks recently did an interview with MMA Junkie radio. In the interview, he revealed that he is now a free agent but the UFC wants him to come back and fight in the 170 pounds division. Here’s what he had to say:

I’m a free agent, I am up for grabs. The UFC stills wants me. They want me back at 170 [pounds] and I agree. If you’re gonna keep giving me these big ol’ 85 pounders, I’ve got to get back down to 170.

I’ve got to fight back to what I want to get to, I’m not that type of guy that says, ‘No, I think I deserve more.’ I will get back to where I want to be at the welterweight division. I really do believe that. I’m starting to get faster. I’m working with a trainer here, Ryan. He’s been working on my fast-twitch movement, he’s been working on my speed – quickness, explosion – and whenever I’m doing these things and then I go back and train boxing or whatever, everyone can see that I’m getting quicker and my weight is coming down.

Right after my last fight I emailed them saying, ‘Hey, I want to go back to 170. Obviously, y’all don’t want me at 185. I understand,’ And realistically, the only reason I went up to 185 was because I thought I had one more fight on my contract. So I go, screw 170, I’m gonna go to 85 and then we can renegotiate a contract. . .

Needless to say, I got two big ol’ boys and it didn’t go the way I wanted it to. But after fighting those fights, it really brought back something in me because I was like, ‘Dude, they don’t kick that hard.’ I still hurt all those 85-pounders with my punches and with my kicks. So if I can hurt 85-pounders, what can I do if I go back to 170. It sort of built my confidence back up to where I believe in my power, I believe in what I can do.











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