Jon Jones rips into fan who questions him on drug testing

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The UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones could have made a really strong case for arguably being the greatest fighter of all time. However, with all his brilliance there is the matter of him previously failing drug tests and even quite recently having PED’s and other banned substances in his bloodstream. Recently Jones was confronted on Twitter by a fan on his drug testing issues, and Jones did not take much time to shut down and respond to that fan.

A fan told Jones on Twitter that drug testing related issues never happened to GSP and went on to claim that they will never happen to him because he does not do drugs. Jones quickly replied that testing issues will never happen to him because he is not an athlete. Here’s how the conversation went:

FAN: Never happened to GSP, the real GOAT, know why I won’t fail a drug test? Because there aren’t drugs in my system. I know that’s crazy talk.

JONES: Know why no one‘s drug testing you? Because your athletic dreams are probably somewhere in your parent’s basement next to your video game controller lol that was fun.







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