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Jorge Masvidal reveals secret of longevity in the fight game

Nate Diaz made his Octagon return after three long years and defeated former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision at the co-main event of UFC 241 in Anaheim, California.

Following his victory, Diaz called out the ‘East Coast Gangster’ Jorge Masvidal for a fight next.

Jorge Masvidal had a good last fight, all respect to the man, there ain’t no gangsters in this game but me and him. I know my man’s a gangster but he ain’t no West Coast gangster, you know what I’m saying?

During the media day at the American Top Team gym, Masvidal was asked the reason behind Nate Diaz’s callout. Masvidal said that his best guess was the lack of steroid use.

Both Nate and Masvidal have been around MMA for an extremely long time. 34-year old Masvidal made his professional debut back in 2003, whereas Nate Diaz who is also 34, made his professional MMA debut back in 2007. Masvidal credited his longevity in the game to the lack of steroid use.

Like Nate, I’ve never used steroids,” Masvidal said. “I don’t think that dude has either. I don’t live with him, so I don’t know. But his body hasn’t really changed. He gets in better shape. Some fights, maybe he didn’t take it as seriously and wasn’t in crazy shape.

But I don’t think he’s ever done steroids. I’ve never done steroids. That might be a big thing toward the longevity.”

This what you see here is natural, God given, hard work abilities,” Masvidal said. “Ain’t no (expletive) bottles, injections in my ass, (or) ‘Two years I was really good. I won a (expletive) belt. Then when USADA came in, don’t nobody knew where the (expletive) I’m at. Nobody seen me.’

I’m still here. I beat Till – that’s a young bull (at) 25 or something like that. Kid is a stud. I beat him, man. They put me up with Ben because they said it’d be a bad fight matchup for me. Murdered him, you know?

I must be doing something right. Or I must have not cheated back in the day, like a lot of (expletives) did when all of you media (expletives) were covering them, knowing these (expletives) were on juice. Not worried about the natural killers, man. The real killers, man. Because when these curtains close, some wild (expletive) on this side, man.” Masvidal continued. (H/T – MMAJunkie.com)

Do you guys agree with Jorge Masvidal?


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