Joshua Fabia says Diego Sanchez took advantage of him for two-years

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After Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia ended their professional relationship, Fabia has accused Sanchez of taking advantage of him for two years.

After Diego Sanchez was released by the UFC even before he could fight his retirement fight against Donald Cerrone, lots of questions were raised regarding why was Sanchez released suddenly. It was later revealed that they had ended Sanchez’s contract after Fabia requested Sanchez’s medical records history from the company. Which sparked concern over Sanchez’s health and then Sanchez and Fabia didn’t give any follow-up regarding the same which resulted in the termination of his contract.

Last week the news surfaced that Sanchez and Fabia had ended their professional relationship.

Any power of attorney that Fabia had has been rescinded/terminated,” Sanchez’s attorney said about Sanchez cutting ties with coach Fabia.

Diego hasn’t made any comment on the following matter but is going to release an official statement this week.

Joshua Fabia says Diego Sanchez used him for the last two years

Joshua Fabia opened up on his relationship with Diego Sanchez after cutting ties with him.

“Diego was definitely a celebrity,” Fabia said in an interview on “Behind the Scenes” with Summer Helene. “He had some celebrity asshole tendencies. He didn’t like tipping, and he did some weird stuff in front of me that you know, threw up some red flags. But over time, just talking to him, it kind of just seemed, like I said, the celebrity stuff.”

He continued, “Things like, you get a divorce and you have a child, but you get a one-bedroom condo. Things just didn’t make sense to me, but I’m thinking, ‘OK, he’s got his own plans. He knows what he’s gonna do. Maybe it’s just super temporary like I don’t know.’ And I’m wondering why he’s driving around in a $3,000 Mercedes?’ Just questions that throw up flags, but I’m thinking, ‘He’s telling me he’s frugal. He’s saving his money. OK.’

“From everything on the outside, as a trainer that’s seeing somebody three days a week – I mean, I moved him into the condo. I helped him in the divorce and this little moment and everything seemed pretty much the same as anybody else under these circumstances, to a certain degree.”

Joshua also says all the allegations people made about him include UFC president Dana White who blames Joshua for Sanchez’s downfall are irrelevant and instead he feels to be taken advantage of by his student and client Diego Sanchez.

“I’ll put it out there, I’ll put out all the proof, I’ll put out all the videos, man,” Fabia said. “Diego has clearly been taking advantage of me for two years, as I have been fighting for him and putting myself on the line for him with zero benefit. I am the one getting death threats here.” 

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